Getting Started with Zoom

We use the Zoom video conference platform for all course sessions. Zoom is very easy to use and works on both Macs and PCs, and there are also versions for phones and tablets. Before you can use Zoom you must first have the appropriate Zoom application.

Windows and Mac Computers: About 5-10 minutes before the first session, go to the Whole Circle Session 1 page and click the "Access the Course Session" button then follow the on-screen instructions allowing Zoom to install a small application on your computer. This normally goes very smoothly and quickly but Zoom offers a step-by-step tutorial here.

Phones and Tablets: Please download and install ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on your phone or tablet before the session begins:

• Download app from iTunes (iPhone/iPad)
• Download app from Google Play (Android)

Internet Speed: You must have a broadband internet connection (cable or DSL) with a download speed of at least 1MB per second. You can check your internet speed at If your internet speed is slow or unreliable, you can connect by phone using the information provided on the Whole Circle or Cluster Group pages.

Technical Requirements: Your computer or mobile device must meet or exceed these minimal requirements. To test the speed of your internet connection please go to

Tips for Having a Good Experience:

  • If you are a first-time Zoom user: Install the Zoom application before the first course session begins (see Zoom Information below). It’s simple and only takes a few minutes but we strongly advise not waiting until the last minute.
  • Add the Zoom access information to each event on your calendar so you can connect directly to the course sessions

  • Join the session before the start time as we plan to start promptly on time

  • If you ask a question during the Q&A segment you’ll be visible and audible to all participants. To appear and be heard clearly:

    • Ensure you have good lighting and a nice background. Don’t position yourself with a window behind you.

    • Be sure your laptop or mobile device remains still or your image will be jumpy

    • Use a headset or headphones. Using the mic on your computer or the speakerphone on your phone will cause echoing.