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Mysterial woman

Embody your wise, loving, and powerful true nature,
awakening the next level of consciousness and leadership capacity


You Make Your Path by Walking

Webinar and Book Launch

Thursday, June 22 5:30 PT

Hosted by East West Bookshop

Suzanne Anderson

Midwifing the next level of our potential

The world is at a turning point. A murmuration-like, beautiful movement of women with the consciousness and leadership capacity to shape a positive world for all beings is needed now: a R-evolutionary force leading humanity through the darkness into a rebirth.

Women are feeling the evolutionary pressure to grow, to come forward as leaders, and to create the change that is needed. We’ve spent the last half-century breaking into the Masculine systems and structures, and now we’re at a major turning point – a rite of passage that is calling us to awaken and weave together all of our deep Feminine wisdom, love, and power with our Masculine strengths in the effort to create a better existence for everyone.

This requires an entirely new source code, a fundamental set of inner instructions for growth.

My mission is to be a pioneering transformational force that enables women to make the inner upgrade that is needed to be a match for these complex times. Using the expertise gained through decades of work in the corporate sector, 15 years of research, and 30 years of a grounded spiritual practice, the work of Mysterial Woman guides women through a groundbreaking and proven developmental pathway to heal both their individual and collective traumas, unlocking the next level of innate potential. 

The enormous challenges of these times are calling women to partner with the Great Mystery and become the leaders and role models that can guide us into the future.


Using my experience gained through decades of work in the corporate sector, 30 years of research, study and spiritual practice, my passion is to efficiently and in a compelling way share the details of a developmental pathway that will unlock the next level of women’s potential and inspire them to step onto the Mysterial Path.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

— Arundhati Roy

Mysterial Leadership Development

A wave of change is moving around the globe

The Question is…Will we be able to ride it or will we be caught in the rough and tumble undertow? 

After decades of work as a senior leadership consultant for Fortune 100 companies, I recognized the absence of leadership programs designed to address the way women actually develop. “The Mysterial Way” is an emerging leadership model that integrates both Feminine and Masculine capacities, embraces women’s wholeness, and addresses all the domains of her unique experiences.

Many women are feeling the limitations of an outdated paradigm of leadership. The old models for living, loving, and leading, are based on a worldview that for over five thousand years has been tilted in the extreme toward Masculine values, styles, and ways of making sense of our shared reality. 

This was not a mistake. It was what happened for humanity to evolve. But this hypermasculine paradigm of wholeness is no longer sufficient for the full emergence of our potential, nor is it a match for the complexity of these times. 

The hypermasculine saturation of today’s world is resulting in intense evolutionary pressure to rebalance with the conscious, mature Feminine. This pressure is felt even more urgently within women, because a very high percentage of women have a foundational essence that is grounded in the Feminine. 

Women are in the midst of a profound rite of passage in order to meet the immediate pressure for planetary rebalancing. This deep impulse is the stimulus of much of the inner discontent, yearning, anxiety, confusion, pain, and depression experienced by women. These are not the signs that we have done something wrong or are not enough – they are birth pains as we transform into the new level of our evolutionary capacity. 

There is another image for the future that is emerging.


Mysterial Leadership Pathway

Like the butterfly held in potential within the caterpillar, our Mysterial nature is waiting for the right enabling conditions to emerge. Over a decade of research working with hundreds of women in our university programs, we discovered a reliable developmental pathway that consistently unlocked the next level of our capacity as female leaders. 

We call this ground-breaking and proven pathway, The Mysterial Sequence. 

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Join Our Mysterial Murmuration Community

Feel the support of like-hearted women who are also interested in awakening to the next evolutionary level of wisdom, love and power.

Our community space is a nourishing crucible.

As we activate our Mysterial potential, we’ll awaken our Feminine and our Masculine essences, we’ll learn to see ourselves as enough just as we are. We’ll be empowered to do what is ours to do, at home in ourselves and naturally belonging in a field of interbeing. We’ll be free to express our true nature as an evolving source of wisdom, love and power.

What our Community Will Offer

  • Opportunity to meet other awakening Mysterials and inspire and support one another
  • Monthly Live Zoom conversations with Suzanne and in community to explore together (all calls are recorded so you’ll never miss a session)
  • Tips and tools from our embodied research-based approach to women’s development and the Mysterial Sequence pathway
  • Mysterial evocations and reflections to inspire you and guide your unfolding
  • Pop-Up Wisdom Talks with aligned thought leaders

Welcome to Mysterial Woman

You Make Your Path by Walking

A Transformational Field Guide through Trauma and Loss

It is our time to become living embodiments of a new human story. We must create a womb of becoming for ourselves and others beyond victimhood and being knocked down by the complexity and uncertainty of our times. What Suzanne Anderson offers in You Make Your Path by Walking is a marvelous pathway to become the possible human through the challenging circumstances in our lives. Reading this remarkable book will put you on the path of becoming all that you can and must be in these extraordinary times.”

— Jean Houston, PhD, author of The Possible Human, The Search for the Beloved and A Passion for the Possible

Part memoir, part guidebook, You Make Your Path by Walking accompanies readers on the journey through the barren landscape of trauma and grief, offering comfort, guidance, and inspiration to make meaning out of loss. Whether you are going through a personal dark night or struggling with these uncertain and disruptive global times, this book offers a proven pathway to allow the breaking down to be the breaking open into a whole new way of living, loving, and leading.

Your Call into Greatness and Authenticity

Upgrading how you live, love, and lead.

The Way of the Mysterial Woman is a new map for women in the midst of an evolutionary move between mystery and manifestation at the edge of a new world. With great compassion and wisdom, we are guided through dynamic steps toward a new level of wholeness. Highly recommended.

— Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

This book is for every woman who feels the call into greatness, authenticity, and meaningful living. Drawing upon real life case studies of women awakening to their innate potential The Way of the Mysterial Woman is a fascinating blend of cutting – edge transformational psychology, leadership skills, ancient Mystery school wisdom and visionary, evolutionary thinking, delivered in a warm, down-to-earth style. Full of practical, engaging and compelling insights, as well as daily practices to encourage genuine growth, this book contains an elegant code that unlocks the next level of women’s wisdom, love and power. 




The Mysterial Way

An emerging leadership model that integrates both Feminine and Masculine capacities, embraces women’s wholeness and addresses all the domains of her unique experience.

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Suzanne and her mindful cohort of coaches has supported my emergence with love, wisdom and a deep presence. I have shared my vulnerability with other genuine women around the world and always felt respected, safe and heard. The Way of the Mysterial Women is for me a powerful path to self-exploration in a sustainable and embodied manner. I feel more congruent with my essence, I am more and more able to speak my truth and welcome discomfort with curiosity.
Having been involved in the Mysterial work ever since it’s earlist phase, beginning as a participant in the Women’s Integral Leadership Program in 2005, I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of this life-changing work. When this is married to an awakening of mind, body and heart, and life is sourced from the authentic self, it is like becoming Dorothy stepping from the black and white of Kansas into the living color of Oz—only Oz is real, and everything becomes possible.
Nota Lucas
Personal Development Coach
I’ve done a lot of introspective work, and the Mysterial Leadership Depth program has been the most effective at allowing me to get to know and appreciate my natural way of being, seeing behaviors and beliefs that don’t serve me, and inspiring rapid transformation.
Elizabeth Friesen
I became very aware of my desire to create a more connected life. I can feel a clear embodied presence during the kata and my statements, and these soul-shaping exercises continue to open my Mysterial Self…my concrete, subtle, causal self walking into the world.”
Leslie Johnson

About Suzanne

Thought Leader, Psychologist, Author

Suzanne recognized the absence of leadership programs designed to address the way women develop. She experienced first hand how women were caught between a rock and a hard place; women who had succeeded in the masculine domain, but who had lost connection with their feminine ground of being. Seeing this gap, she left her consulting practice to find out what it means to midwife the next level of our potential as women, and as a culture.

Through her coaching practice, online programs, corporate workshops, retreats, speaking engagements and acclaimed book, Suzanne supports women who are ready to lead in an entirely new way – to show up as creative agents of change in this turbulent time on our planet, with courage and commitment, resilience and grace.

Suzanne is a master of transformational learning, a thought leader on resilient leadership and co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. Her work is dedicated to awakening women to their full potential, urging them to the edge of their own evolution – to be the ones who are able to lead us into a new cultural paradigm.

–  20 years of work as a Senior Leadership consultant for Fortune 100 companies

– 15 years of research of an emerging leadership model for women

– 30 years of study and practice in a grounded spiritual path

MA, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Seattle

Post Graduate Diploma in Restoration Architecture, University of Florence, Italy (UNESCO Scholarship)

BA, Queens University, Kingston, Canada (With Distinction)


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