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A Voice for These Times

My great passion is speaking about what I see and how we can play our part…

We’re in a moment of great disruption, uncertainty, and change on our beautiful planet. Many of us are questioning, deconstructing, and revolting against the old ways of being and doing, while at the same time, we’re awakening to the possibility of a new worldview, developing capacities to be the positive change agents that will shape this new and emerging future.

An intelligent, well researched and inspiring wake up call is needed.

One of my great gifts and deepest pleasures is being a spokeswoman for the new world that is on her way. I love to connect with an audience and tune into their listening to find the right words in the moment. From this dynamic space I consider my talks a kind of co-creative dance where I deliver what I know in a language and voice that can be understood.

Women’s International Networking Conference
Emerging Women Power Party

What I love to speak about

Why Women Why Now

The larger vision of what is happening now in culture as the evolutionary imperative for women to wake up, grow up, and show up as leaders embodying all of their Feminine and Masculine strengths.

Challenging Times as Transformational Times

Decades of research, and the profound trauma that taught me (and can teach all of us) how challenging times can be the most transformational.

The Next Evolutionary Phase of Women’s Leadership

The old paradigms of leadership – power over, bigger is better, its all up to me, reward at any cost – are no longer up to the complexity of these times and we explore a new model of leadership for women.

Accelerating Emergence

We need women now who are running on an updated inner operating system and I share a proven pathway to accelerate development so that they can truly be the change they seek to make in the world.

Personal Resilience Essentials

Women need a personal resilience container that they can count on to help them hold steady in the midst of profound change.

Feminine and Masculine Ways of Being and Doing

What do Feminine and Masculine mean and why does it matter to awaken all the dimensions of this dynamic polarity within in order to live, love and lead in ways that are a match for these times.

Suzanne is a captivating speaker who offers a compelling view of a more just and liberated future. Drawing from the well of her deep knowledge and lived experience, she effortlessly entertains and educates her audience. Women leave her events feeling hopeful, more connected to themselves and others, and inspired by new possibilities.

Deborah KennedyDirector of Coaching, Shopify

I could listen to Suzanne speak all day. Her resonant voice and authentic presence make me feel that she is speaking directly to me. I always leave her sessions feeling nourished and inspired.

R. Tanner
Harness Your
Creative Power
Evolving Consciousness –
2nd Wave of Feminine Epoc

Events & Conferences

FemmeQ Berlin, Win Conference Rome, FemmeQ Los Angeles, Emerging Women, East West Bookstore, Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Who I want to speak to

  • Women who lead in their organizations, families, communities
  • Women change agents – coaches, therapists, consultants
  • Women’s conferences on waking up, growing up and showing up
  • Young women looking for new models of leadership for the future soon to be college graduates, women entering the workforce or ascending through the leadership ranks, young leadership associations