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Women have the tremendous opportunity to become agents of creative change in the face of the uncertain and unknown realities of the world today. While the leadership challenges today are enormous it is this very pressure that is actually helping us give birth to a whole new way of being – that is our evolutionary unfolding.

However, there are myriad limiting beliefs, deeply encoded in our very DNA – of course there are after 5000 years inside a Hyper-masculine paradigm. When we tell ourselves these limiting beliefs, we hinder our own delicate developmental process.

For instance, the limiting belief that we are “not enough,” can stop us in our tracks. To break free from the hold of this belief, we must come back to ourselves and into the body. It is not just about shifting the mental idea – we need to actually unhook from this embodied narrative and find a relationship with the deepest parts of our untapped essence. It is about nourishing the Feminine ground of our beings.

I recently had the chance to discuss the limiting and liberating beliefs that we discovered, in our 15 years of research, on Angela Mezzetti’s Women in Leadership podcast. We had an illuminating conversation about finding, reconnecting, and staying with what it is that we love.

In the podcast I share:

  • The practice of adopting a way of being that is at ease with uncertainty and ambiguity – the Mystery.
  • The importance of cultivating our Feminine and Masculine strengths for a potent leadership presence.
  • The emergence of women who are using their upgraded inner operating system to navigate the unknown.
  • Guidance on how to upgrade your inner operating system and become the leader today who can positively shape tomorrow.

Sending my love,

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