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It’s counter-intuitive – by all outward appearances, once women have become successful consultants, executive coaches, leaders or entrepreneurs, they have it made, right?

That’s why it may be surprising to learn that women at this level of leadership thrive in our programs.

They come because they hear the call to expand their leadership influence and impact in this rapidly evolving, massively globalizing environment.

They come because they know that to create the social impact they envision, they need to access their full innate potential. 

They come because they are bumping into the limits of their outdated “inner operating system” and have lost their sense of joy, hope, and capacity to hold the complex challenges of their lives and the world.

They know that this time of great change and challenge is calling them to unlock their capacity to nourish their body, heart, mind, and soul while also generating tangible, meaningful results.

And that’s why brilliant, accomplished women like Astrid, Camille, and Larisa join the Depth program – an academically-sound, rigorous, research-based curriculum woven with the ageless wisdom traditions, arts, and the deep practice of an urban mystery school.

Today I’m delighted to share their stories and amazing results with you:

After a serious accident that resulted in a brain injury, Astrid felt the need to reinvent herself. She wasn’t happy, she was worn out, and felt frustrated that the coping techniques she had previously learned weren’t helping her overcome deep-rooted limiting beliefs. After taking the Depth program, Astrid is now enjoying “effortless effort” in her busy and fulfilling life.

Are you meant to join us?

This is a global, online, seven-month, rigorously researched group coaching program. It is intended to prepare women like you to expand your leadership influence and impact.

It is a comprehensive, in-depth, groundbreaking, and future-sensing leadership development program based on how women actually grow.

It’s for you if you sense that you have a real contribution to make to this world and are ready to do the inner work required to liberate your passion and genius.

If you have questions and would like to connect with a member of the Mysterial team, simply contact us here, and we’ll get right back to you.

Much love,

The Mysterial Leadership
Emergence Program

For the woman who is ready to step into her true power as an agent of change.

Launching October 5th, 2024

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