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How grounded and at home do you feel today?

Our world inundates us with invitations to move up-and-out as we boldly take our place in culture as leaders and guides.

(I’m 100% into that, of course).

And yet I hear a deeper call whispering to us at the same time. Do you hear it? We’re being asked to show up with a profoundly expanded consciousness as we tackle the challenges of today, which means we must embody our intuitive, emotional intelligence and fully align ourselves with the authentic ground on which we stand.

That’s why I love this writing from the philosopher-poet David Whyte, Ground.

May it gently guide you home to your ground.

Ground is what lies beneath our feet.
It is the place where we already stand;
a state of recognition, the place or the circumstances
to which we belong whether we wish to or not.
It is what holds and supports us, but also what we do not want to be true;
it is what challenges us, physically or psychologically,
irrespective of our hoped for needs.
It is the living, underlying foundation that tells us
what we are, where we are, what season we are in and what,
no matter what we wish in the abstract, is about to happen in our body,
in the world or in the conversation between the two.

To come to ground is to find a home in circumstances
and to face the truth, no matter how difficult that truth may be;
to come to ground is to begin the courageous conversation,
to step into difficulty and by taking that first step,
begin the movement through all difficulties,
to find the support and foundation
that has been beneath our feet all along:
a place to step onto, a place on which to stand
and a place from which to step.

~ David Whyte, Consolations

I love David’s words, ‘find a home in circumstance’. When we gather up the ground on which we stand, honestly and truthfully, only then are we truly able to make the changes that are ours to make in our lives.

It’s very easy for our minds to leave the present moment and dream into the future – and I encourage that! However, for our powerful intentions and dreams to become reality – for the acorn to become the oak tree – we have to tend to the ground in which the seeds are planted.

We only know the fertility of the soil by taking the time to be honest about the state of our lives; our body health, our relationships, our sense of purpose and meaning in life, the job we do, the home that we live in.

So, my invitation to you today is to make the courageous step of standing on the ground of your very being. What is working for you and what is no longer aligned with your deepest essence?

Stand in the powerful place that your life and destiny has taken you to so far, right now, with all of its woundings, successes and victories, all of it. Claim your right to be here – ‘a place on which to stand and a place from which to step.’

Gather it all up, so that the steps you take in these critical times on our planet arise from your deeply embodied, soul essence.

Honoring your ground,

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