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There is something so stunning about how the fullness of new life is held packed tight inside a seed until the moment is just right to unfurl itself into the world. This time of the year in the Pacific Northwest is an eruption of lime green, bold colors, luscious scent and beauty, as spring plants emerges after the dormant winter. I particularly love watching the ferns in my backyard do their elegant opening.

What is brewing down in the innermost chambers of your heart just waiting to unfurl itself? You might even think of it this way – imagine that you are standing on the edge of your lineage, a Mysterial woman bringing profound new ways of being into expression in the world. What might future generations be thankful for you giving birth to in these ‘tipping point’ times?

I would like to offer you a new way to unfold the future that is not coded by the hypermasculine limiting belief of ‘I have to do to be of value’. This outdated code deep down in our unconscious arises from a sense that we are fundamentally ‘not enough’ and that we have to prove our value by pushing things into form as fast as possible. Bigger, better, faster is the mainstream mantra.

But there is another way – a creative process that, just like nature, honors the Feminine seed phase of the cycle first with Stillness. It is here that we nourish the soil of potentiality, discern what might be trying to come into form and let our dreams and imagination carry us along new pathways. This is where we give ourselves permission to not know, to let our deepest desires gather in the belly and the heart before exploding with an idea in the mind. This is where we rest back, trust the process and allow the conditions for our emergence to ripen.

“What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?”

~ David Whyte

From Stillness the cycle moves to Connection

Again there is no direct action or pushing forward. In this phase you are letting the tendrils of the impulse inside begin to mix with the world beyond you – those who might be involved, the timing of factors, the signs and signals from the universe. This is where you presence what might be possible, where you send your call into the world and see who responds. This is where your seedling impulse comes into the collective field and starts to shift and change in that space of ‘interbeing’.

And when the web of connection has been well woven, the next phase of Action naturally wants to arise from this ground of being. And this action is more like ‘effortless effort’ than pushing the rock up the hill like Sisyphus. This is where you bring your focused capacity to dynamically manifest in form what has been brewing underground. This is the phase of the cycle that reveals to your often surprised eyes the true beauty and wonder of the initial creative impulse.

The final phase of the Creative Process, like the first phase of Stillness, is often forgotten as well. It is Release. After you have moved your impulse into the best possible actions in the moment you must release them into the field of all possibilities. This is where you let go of attachment to outcome and let the potential future meet you. This is where you celebrate your accomplishment and surrender back again into Stillness.

From Stillness the cycle moves to Connection.

So what is stirring in the fertile, loamy soil of your being these days? What is the shape of the longing that is tugging at your heart? What might be trying to get your attention? Tune into what your heart desires and while staying in Stillness and Connection, feel the potential for inspired action in the future.

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