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Our culture is in the midst of a profound rite of passage. We are being invited by the forces of evolution themselves to grow the consciousness and leadership capacities that will allow us to tackle the challenges that we created using our current consciousness. And I believe that women have a very key role to play in these transformative times. We are literally giving birth to the next level of our wholeness as a species.

I had the opportunity recently to sit down with licensed therapist and empowerment coach, Tamara Powell, on her Sacred Psychology podcast to discuss this new phase of consciousness and the Feminine and Masculine shadows that are holding women’s true wisdom, love and power hostage.

In the podcast, Tamara reads this quote from the book I co-authored:

We had both grown up as ‘father’s daughters’ in the ‘60s and ‘70s, eschewing the domestic lives and roles to which our mothers had been unwillingly constrained, and admiring the achievement and power our fathers experienced. Yet we weren’t satisfied copying our fathers either. The central inquiry that remained constant for each of us, while the other things changed, was this: How can I be all of myself? How do I resolve a deep inner tension between two different parts of myself—one that is more Masculine, able to achieve, focus, create order, control, and powerfully bring things into form in the world, and the other part that is more Feminine—receiving, wild-spirited, intuitive, embodied, creative, loves the mystery, and speaks the language of the heart? And how can I be of most service to the world without losing myself?”

— The Way of the Mysterial Woman

The central inquiry above, that led me into my own research, was shared by many other women. It speaks to coming to the limits of an outdated way of being that is simply not a match for the complexity of these times. We need to upgrade not just what we know, but how we know what we know. The perspective from which we conceive reality. Our way of being. And from that way of being allow new ways of doing to arise.

It will require a dedicated process to move through this upgrading of our ‘inner operating systems’. We can think of it as the iceberg theory of consciousness – two-thirds of who we are is actually under the surface of awareness – in the unconscious. Yet, like with an iceberg, it’s what’s under the water that actually determines the direction and speed the iceberg moves.

It is not sufficient to simply stick some words of affirmation on the mirror and hope for the best. We will need to dive under the surface of the water and work with the unconcious shadows that are holding us back. After 12 years of research we discovered 5 limiting beliefs that were deeply encoded down in the depths of women around the world. They are the epigenetic inheritance after 5,000 years in a hypermasculine paradigm of reality. It is our time now to transform these old codes into the liberating beliefs that can profoundly up-level how we live, love and lead.  

In the podcast we discuss the 5 archetypes of the Mysterial Sequence, and the limiting and liberating beliefs associated with each:

  • The Mother (Static Yin energy) – “I am not enough” becomes “I am enough just as I am”
  • The Hero (Dynamic Yang energy) – “I have to do to be of value” becomes “I am empowered to do what is mine to do”
  • The Father (Static Yang energy) – “I do not belong” becomes “I am at home in myself and naturally belong”
  • The Maiden (Dynamic Yin energy) – “I am not free to express myself fully” becomes “I am free to express my true nature”
  • The Crone (synthesis) – “I don’t have enough knowledge, connections, or influence” becomes “I am an evolving source of wisdom, love and power”

For more on these archetypes and what it means to be a woman on the edge of evolution, listen to my interview with Tamara:

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