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What’s up with the pendulum swinging into over-doing and over-giving when we are so stirred up? Giving to everyone else and feeling there’s nothing left for ourselves…

In two decades of research with hundreds of women, I’ve discovered a specific developmental pathway that I’m excited to share, as well as a bigger global context for “What the *^#@ is Happening”.

It may just open your mind, your heart, your body and your sense of possibility for yourself, future generations, and the world. It may just re-align you with a bigger, deeper truth that you are longing to hear.

Although this video was recorded via Facebook live in the Spring of 2017, it’s still just a relevant today.

If you’d like to go further and explore this evolutionary emergence and how it applies to your life and our collective future, I invite you to explore the book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead.


For more in depth exploration read:

You Make Your Path by Walking
A Transformational Field Guide through Trauma and Loss
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The Way of the Mysterial Woman
Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead
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