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What does it mean to be a woman on the edge of evolution?

In this tincture conversation, Suzanne Anderson and Kim Carpenter explore this juicy topic. A collective shift in consciousness seems to be happening for women these days and igniting many to ‘do what is theirs to do’ and start their own businesses. What is that about?

Evolution is nudging women to up-grade their inner operating systems and up-level their outer leadership capacities to be a match for the complexity of these times. We simply need all of our Feminine and Masculine essences integrated together into profoundly new ways of being and doing to be the leaders of today shaping tomorrow. But how to do that?

In our dialogue together we discuss the requirement for women to take themselves seriously and do the inner work required to liberate their creative genius and then build the business structures to bring their unique gifts into the world. 

Kim speaks powerfully about the transformational experience of participating in the Mysterial Leadership Essentials course and how that catalyzed her to let go of many of the incongruent outer structures of her life and find her more authentic expression today, assisting women to launch their creative ideas/businesses into the world.

Listen in to our dialogue about the courage and leadership capacity needed for emerging Mysterials to take their place as women on the edge of evolution, shaping a positive world for all beings. 

The Mysterial Leadership
Emergence Program

For the woman who is ready to step into her true power as an agent of change.

Launching October 5th, 2024

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