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I had the pleasure of joining life coach and colleague Jodi Flynn on her show Women Taking the Lead. She has created a uniquely engaging format in her conversations, where she asks her guests to not only speak about their professional expertise but to also speak candidly about humble beginnings and how we played small at some point. I found it very interesting to reflect on these things and to share the vulnerable times in my own leadership journey.

I was also asked to speak about a leadership capacity that I use and find important in how I do my work in the world today. I spoke about a Mysterial strength I call Unfolding the Emergent the ability to be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty and stay connected to all the inner and outer factors at the same time as you work toward a solution.

And in an interesting twist of a question Jodi asked me what my Self of today might say to my Self at the beginning of my career. I remember when I was younger and going through challenging times I had the sense that my future self was encouraging me to keep going. Tune into the podcast to hear what I said to that earlier version of me.

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