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In this interview I share what happened to me on January 3 of 2013. When I had just finished my first book, and was working with a publisher to bring it into the world, I came home to find that my beloved husband had committed suicide.

And so began my journey of test driving the new ‘operating system’ that we had been writing about in our book, in the most harrowing and challenging conditions possible. Through my grief over the coming months, this new way of being in the world, that I call Mysterial, got installed in me in a really deep way, through the alchemy of the fire of that loss itself…

Episode Highlights:
  • The initial resistance I encountered when I brought my new form of “Feminine capacity” leadership into the corporate world.
  • The new direction my life took after my beloved husband committed suicide.
  • The shakeup going on right now that has to do with women on the edge of evolution.
  • Stereotypes and gender roles, and how men are reacting to this shift.
  • How long it has taken for the hypermasculine code to get installed in the body, heart, and mind.
  • Developing a relationship with the Feminine ground of our being.
  • The limiting belief “I am not enough” and finding a sustainable way of being in the world.
  • Seeing our own vulnerabilities and failures as a part of our strength as leaders.
  • How to move towards our pain and have the courage to do the deeper work.
  • What the world would look like if more women awakened to their Mysterial potential

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