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When it comes to crafting new ways of leading as women, we have to do it ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone.

As we dismantle the old architecture within us – created by the hyper-masculine culture that we’ve been living in for 5000 years – it takes real courage to sit in the unknown calling in the future that we know is possible.

That’s why it’s key to surround ourselves with visionaries who are pointing to new possibilities.

Yes, we need to take responsibility for the inner work within our own consciousness to step forth as leaders, but we also need to recognise that our growth is accelerated in a supportive field of possibility.

We’ve recently seen the powerful groundswell of change this kind of field can create with the #metoo movement, and the Women’s March.

We can begin to create this field in our everyday lives, by listening to those who inspire us. That’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite interviews and podcasts with you today.

So, whether you listen to them while you’re out walking your dog, washing the dishes, going for a run, or taking a bath, may you be inspired and uplifted in your unique form of leadership.

Brené Brown – The Anatomy of Trust

“Trust is built in very small moments” ~ Brené Brown

Vulnerability is core to the feminine principles that can greatly enhance the way we live, love and lead. This is Brené Brown’s genius, and in this 30-minute podcast she brilliantly clarifies a map to cultivating our capacity to trust – B.R.A.V.I.N.G – and why it all starts with the small, everyday moments you might be missing.

John O’Donohue – The Inner Landscape of Beauty

Living ‘the beauty way’ is core to the new paradigm of leadership that I have been watching emerge in the past 15 years as I’ve worked with women visionaries, consultants and senior managers. In this podcast, John O’Donohue initiates us into new ways of seeing and living beauty. (All in a gorgeous Irish accent!)

Terrerai Trent – How to Achieve an Impossible Dream

We are living in tumultuous times, which call for immense resilience. Terrerai Trent has overcome seemingly impossible odds to become a world renowned leader in the field of women’s leadership. Her story of her transition from a young girl in a Zimbabwean village planting her dreams and the soil, to getting her PhD and writing her brilliant ‘The Awakened Woman’ book is immensely uplifting.

Eve Ensler – I Feel, Therefore I Am

Eve has a way of giving voice to the emerging paradigms of women’s leadership in an unprecedented way. In this interview she shares her journey through cancer, and how it landed in her family and her body, for the first time.

Women on the Edge of Evolution – with me, Suzanne Anderson

In this interview I share what happened to me on January 3 of 2013. When I had just finished my first book, and was working with a publisher to bring into the world, I came home to find that my beloved husband had committed suicide.

And so began my journey of test driving the new ‘operating system’ that we had been writing about in our book, in the most harrowing and challenging conditions possible. Through my grief over the coming months, this new way of being in the world, that I call Mysterial, got installed in me in a really deep way, through the alchemy of the fire of that loss itself.

Thank you for being part of this community. In these tumultuous times, we need each other more than ever, and I’m grateful for your presence here.

I’m celebrating your leadership,

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