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I am excited to share this podcast!

In 2018 I was invited to participate as a presenter at the FemmeQ Summit in LA. The conference was uniquely designed to bring together both male and female speakers to run workshops and be on panels. I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop and being on a panel with Robert Schwenkler, co-founder of The Brotherhood Community, whose mission is to“create a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world by changing the face of modern male leadership”.

It was a very dynamic, co-creative dance together as we quickly learned about each other and got into sync to provide a powerful container for the experience of the participants.

It was an equal delight to be invited onto his podcast and to dive into a deep and magical conversation about The (Integral) Feminine Re-Awakening.

If you’re inspired to hear about any of the following…
  • How Suzanne Began Her Work Following A “Light” Event (4:27)
  • A Corresponding “Dark” Event (15:01)
  • The Mysterial Way of Being (25:40)
  • The Map of Development (27:18)
  • The Importance of Feminine Qualities in Leadership (38:52)
  • The Future Synergy Between Men and Women (45:27)
Listen here:

The Mysterial Leadership
Emergence Program

For the woman who is ready to step into her true power as an agent of change.

Launching October 5th, 2024

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