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Mother Archetype & Wound


3 Mysterial Morning Rituals for Sustainable Success

Learn 3 rituals that can change your life - quite literally. How we enter our day has everything to do with how we experience it and what we manifest. Yet far too often we don’t take the time for tuning the instrument of our being so that it is able to play the song of our hearts. Instead we roll…
March 11, 2018
Mother Archetype

Awaken Your Inner Mother: A 3-Step Process

Yesterday was a powerful Pisces Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. This combination is said to stir the unconscious waters and push our deepest feelings up to the surface of awareness. Have you noticed? Not particularly comfortable! I’d like to offer you a practice from The Mysterial Sequence that is a wonderful way to work with these intense feelings and…
September 17, 2016
Mother Archetype

Cultivate the Inner Mother with Self-Compassion

One of the many offerings I received as I have moved over the landscape of loss, after the sudden death of my husband, was a new level of tender compassion for myself. I was always very caring and compassionate when dealing with someone else’s suffering, but I wasn’t very patient with my own. I would often leapfrog over it to…
February 14, 2016